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Admission Inquiry

Are you aiming to apply for a place but you do not hold all of the entry requirements? Then this Admission inquiry will help. It provides you with a recommendation on the feasibility of your chosen program.


The recommendation indicates whether your intellectual abilities and personal skills are adequate for pursuing a program at college level (HBO in Dutch). Note that within this recommendation, specific creative abilities are not taken in consideration.

Suitable for who?

This inquiry is intended for students who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree but do not have a qualification (Dutch: HAVO or MBO level 4) on the basis of which they can immediately begin training. This recommendation can be used when you register for the program of your choice . We point out that we give an opinion on the feasibility of the relevant program. The final decision will always be made by the department from the Hogeschool. We would advice you to make timely inquiries whether the program of your choice has specific requirements. Please note that some programs require their report before a certain date, this is for decentralized selection and / or fixed quota. You can find the specific dates in the information letter of your program.

Here you can find some sample exercises

CostS 2023

The costs for 2023 are € 395,00.

For registration, call +0031.88.2701230.

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